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Our Approach as an SEO Agency in Kolkata

Research and Analysis

As your SEO agency in Kolkata, we consider the first step as the most important. Our experts understand key aspects of your business, your vision, goals, and philosophy. This allows us to initiate a customized approach that sets you apart from your competition. Extensive research about competitors and industry leaders also allows more perspective toward chalking out an ROI-driven SEO strategy.

Audit and Optimize

Our experts initiate a complete audit of your website to understand all SEO optimizations that need to be implemented. Changes can be minor fixes to major structural changes. Having an easily navigable website with interactive and fast-loading pages increases your time on site, which helps achieve better results with regard to SEO

Content Curation and Local SEO

We have adopted a result-oriented and ROI-driven approach to SEO services that provide you with platform-specific engaging content that enhances user experience. From locating and reviewing pre-existing citations on various platforms to optimizing the Google My Business page our experts handle everything to make your page SEO optimized.

Data and Analytics

As your dedicated SEO company in Kolkata, we offer you a monthly report that provides data-based insight into the progress we have made as well as our projected goals. The analytics outlined in the report helps us detect ‘bugs’ in the process and eliminate them. Working with strategic data allows us to make more informed and ROI- driven decisions.

What Makes Us the Most Reliable SEO Agency in Kolkata

We are a target-driven SEO agency in Kolkata that prioritizes your ROI and growth. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire us as your SEO company.

Personalized Approach

We are aware that every company has different SEO needs and specifications. Our experts thoroughly analyze the nature of your business and come up with precise SEO solutions that suit you the best. Additionally, we put a lot of effort into streamlining your digital presence by eliminating all of the superfluous elements.

Experience and Expertise

It takes knowledge and experience to implement an SEO strategy successfully. As your SEO agency in Kolkata, we rely on our experts to curate personalized strategies to help your brand stand out from the competition. Our SEO experts are also equipped with the latest tools and tech to ensure the best results.

ROI-driven approach to SEO

Our result-oriented and data-driven approach to SEO is one of the defining features of our work. It enables us to care for your organic growth. Targeting the right keywords and executing focused strategies allow us to achieve preferred results and useful data.

Dedicated Account Manager

As your SEO agency in Kolkata, we assign you a dedicated account manager who updates you on our progress via biweekly calls and regular reports through mail. Having a single point of contact also saves you from not being flooded with unnecessary emails and keeps things simple

Easy-to-read reports

It is important for us as an SEO agency in Kolkata to keep our clients updated with the progress we have made as well as the needs of the future. Our experts provide you with comprehensive and easily understandable reports that are free from indecipherable technical jargon. This allows you to keep track of your progress and also understand our approach as your SEO service provider.

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As your SEO agency in Kolkata, we consider the first step as the most important.
Our experts understand key aspects of your business, your vision, goals and philosophy.


Absolutely! Hiring an SEO service provider in Kolkata is totally worth it. SEO agencies provide you with customized strategies that help your business rank on different search engines like Google. SEO is about organic growth and hiring a dedicated SEO agency in Kolkata allows you to focus on your business’s steady online growth.

Several factors influence the effect of SEO. It all boils down to the keywords you’re targeting, and how competitive they are. The flow of keyword-rich informative content is also another factor that influences your search engine rankings. Considering all possible situations, ranking for the right keywords might take anywhere from a few weeks to 2 or 3 months.

Yes. Considering the fact that online visibility is essential for all businesses, adopting a customized SEO approach makes your business reach out to the right audiences. Focusing on SEO allows your business to stay relevant online and boosts your search engine rankings. 

Anywhere between 3 to 6 months is a safe ballpark number. However, there are several factors that influence your rankings. Where you are and where you want to be within a specific time frame determine the amount of work that needs to be invested. As one of the best SEO agencies in Kolkata, we offer realistic timelines that allow you to track your progress while seeing actual results

As one of the reputed SEO companies in Kolkata, we charge anywhere between $100 to $250 per month.

Content marketing goes hand in hand with SEO services. Writing the right blogs, Google My Business content, Press Releases, etc, are all services we offer as an SEO agency in Kolkata. Running optimized Google ads is also an excellent way to advertise your business and reach out to the right audience. All of these services work in tandem with SEO services and help your business to grow and thrive online.