How to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

To craft an effective and holistic digital marketing strategy, you need a foolproof SEO strategy along with an engaging Social Media strategy. While this is true, it is generic and does not really help. 


Our devices dictate our lives, and you do not need the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata to tell you that if you want your business to be successful, you need to advertise, promote, and do everything on platforms relevant to those devices. 


That sounded more complex than needed, so let's break this down. Here are five things to remember when building an effective digital marketing strategy. 


Before getting started, we at Anonymous Digital need to tell you all something. 

Advice Before We Get Started

People, Market, and Category are the top three things you need to study and get right to build a successful marketing strategy digitally, not digitally; on the moon, you get the gist. 


So, when crafting any digital marketing strategy, keep this in mind and never let your strategy fly off to places where any of these three are irrelevant or do not apply. 


We know this should have been point number 1; however, we at Anonymous Digital always like to offer you something extra, and if you want to talk about a customized digital marketing strategy for your business, get in touch with us by visiting


Let's Get Started:

1. The 3 Questions You Must Answer

There are layers to this question. As one of Kolkata's top digital marketing agencies, we always start with the most straightforward answer. Define your buyers in terms of who they are and how they are behaving right now regarding your business category; what can you offer your customers so they might be interested in what you offer? 

You must do this because the results will speak for themselves if you can answer these three questions efficiently and correctly. Don’t get us wrong, these are preliminary questions, and you will have to define intricate aspects like age, demographics, interests and other specifics as you narrow down your audience. However, these questions will help you define your consumers and determine what they seek.

2. How much is too much?

A big part of online marketing is running Meta Ads or Google Ads. Your cost per acquisition is very important, and it is necessary for you to understand the cost per lead or cost per result in a more specific way. Any PPC expert can navigate this complex maze and help you lock in the right budget. 

It's a waste of time to lock on random budgets without prior knowledge or research arbitrarily. Ensure that your digital marketing expert shares relevant data based on which you can craft an effective digital marketing strategy. Allocating the right budget is key, and as one of the most trusted and best digital marketing agencies in Kolkata, we request you not play a game of roulette with your digital marketing strategy.

3. Content is Key

You are currently working in a video-dominated sector or a sector that is primarily audiovisual. Make good use of it. Your team’s editing skills are as important as any other skill. 

We are not saying that you need to focus only on videos. Your static visuals need to be as good. However, videos on platforms like Instagram have been observed to give better results. Since we are discussing building effective strategies, we feel you need to take an extra step to ensure your videos look, feel, and communicate better. 

Remember, your content must be compelling and engaging and easily inform the audience about what they are buying. This takes skill, experience, and innovation. As your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we always ensure your content is relevant, effective, and clickable without being clickbait. 

Your content allows your audience to develop a relationship with your brand. Nurturing and developing this relationship with consistently good content will separate your brand from its competition.

4. It's Not a One Person Job

You can't do this alone, nor should you try to. Various parts of your business need your attention, and you need to leave the digital marketing to the experts. But remember, your role in this strategy is crucial. This does not mean hiring one person who claims to know everything and agrees to do your digital marketing super cheap. 

If you are looking for an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to set aside a budget. Everything from content to SEO to SMM to PPC needs expert, consistent attention. Here at Anonymous Digital, we allocate an SPOC to communicate with you and update you about the progress. It's simple and effective. While an entire team of experts executes the strategy, we keep you updated about everything from sales to results and overall growth, ensuring a smooth and successful journey. 

Also, remember to delegate more and hold people accountable. At Anonymous Digital, one of Kolkata's best digital marketing agencies, we ensure we keep you updated through easy-to-follow reports. 

This brings us to our last point. 

5. Follow and Keep Track of your Reports

As one of Kolkata’s best digital marketing agencies, we have observed that clients do not review the reports. Marketing is about figuring out what works and consistently and persistently doing that. It is impossible to track down results without sifting through the data. 

Now, we know what you are going to say. The reports are tedious and difficult to understand. In that case, your current digital marketing agency needs to know that and figure out a solution. 

Our data reports at Anonymous Digital are created with the client in mind. We try to highlight important data, explain what's happening, explain in basic language, and clearly showcase results in a manner that is engaging yet easy to understand for all our clients. 

Summing it Up

Following these five steps can definitely get you started towards building an effective digital marketing strategy. Even if you have a strategy, applying these steps can also help you optimise it. 


As a business owner, it is important for you to understand that you can never exclude people from the equation. If your marketing strategy does not focus on people, you won’t be happy with the returns. 


We at Anonymous Digital can help you craft a customised digital marketing strategy that focuses on boosting your ROI. Book your free consultation today by clicking here